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An Organization Designed to take young adults to the next level of sports.


2011 Pony Nationals Ladies our first WPB team

We Play Ball is a sports group design to take young adults 15-19 male and female to the next level of "Lets Play Ball" by teaching them the responsibilities of not just sports but the life of an athlete and a member of society itself. It's fun but as we all know nothing worth while comes easy and helping them learn how to deal with being a student athlete is our main goaled.

In late summer of 2013 we tried something new with our 18U softball teams, a pay at the plate fee, this has worked out great as we have grown from our one team to 5 teams playing every Saturday double headers for 16 weeks straight now.

Coaching staff has well over40 years experience in coach softball/baseball now we are passing on our learning both in sports and life to the young adult we love so much.

We teach sports like it's to our own family and it is our family. The players building up a life time of fun and memories with friends and family, they will chariest as much as we chariest our own memories.

We teach being a winner, that includes even when you loss. Most forget the battle of sports means one will win and one will loss. A true winner wins even when it was a loss by learning something new from the experience.

Practice practice practice you can never have to much of a good thing.